About the service

Have you ever notice that a partner with whom you exchanged links, removed your link without any notice? Have you bought a link and notice that it's gone before the expiration period? Linxspy will check these links for you. Once you create an account, and insert your sites and their partnerships, we will check regularly if your links are on place. If they missing, you will receive a notification mail.

How to use the system?

  1. Create an account in linxspy.com
  2. Define your links and your partnerships
  3. Linxspy.com will check the status of your links every week.
  4. If the link on your partner's site is missing, you will be notified by mail.

Basically if everything goes right, you should not hear about us until some of your partners remove the link to your site.

Is it paid?

No, the service is free of charge. Everybody can use it.

How often will be checked these links?

Partner sites will be checked on a weekly basis.

What if the partner site is missing or the server is down?

We are checking for this event too. You will be notified if the partner site is not accesible.

If partner's site is down or the link is missing, will I be bothered every week with warning mails?

No, if the link is missing or your partner's site is down after two consecutive checks (within 2 weeks), we will send a final mail and after this we will stop checking that link.

How can I restart the checking?

Once the link on your partner's site is on place, you can unlock the check by checking the first time manually (from the linxspy interface).

What about confidentiality?

We are people like you and we hate spam as mych as you, so we promice that your data will not be given to any third parties!

If you have other questions, please, don't hesitate to contact us.